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Delivering mail fast and efficiently!
FastTrackMail 8.60
Electronic mail, which started being used long before WWW, multimedia, MP3 and other novelties, has itself absorbed the capabilities of modern technology at a new stage of evolution to become part of our life and an integral component of corporate business processes, which include automatic electronic mail processing and messaging systems. With the help of such systems an employee can process a larger number of requests than by phone. This enhances productivity. Accurate and adequate responses to clients constitute a critical success factor for any company.

FastTrackMail electronic mail processing software is suited for both corporate and home use. It provides extensive filtering, processing and recording capabilities for incoming correspondence and requests, creating incoming and outgoing message archives, and features the ability to personalize mail distribution for a large number of recipients. With the help of this software you will be able to send information to large groups of users as easily as to a single address. FastTrackMail makes it possible to arrange automatic replies based on preset templates depending on letter content and provides for automatic processing of requests for news subscriptions and requests to be deleted from the mailing list.

Despite its sophisticated software capabilities, the system is distinguished by an extremely simple and user friendly interface. You can easily customize the interface to handle all your messaging needs.

FastTrackMail supports modern electronic messaging standards both in ordinary text message format and graphic html pages. Such messages can be viewed in different modes, for example, as an initial text or in html format. This means you will not experience any glitches when reading mail from software such as Outlook Express, Eudora and others.

According to our experts the majority of spam mail is deleted by users on the basis of subject of the message. The text of such messages is not even read. Thus, there is no sense in copying such messages from a server to a local computer. The FastTrackMail system is capable of limiting the size of copied messages and even allows you to copy the message headers alone. If the header of such large messages is of no interest to you it can be deleted from the server without being copied to your computer. If it is the message you are waiting for the software will copy the remaining part of it at your request.

Obviously, possible shortcomings of e-mail need to be taken into account in practical activities. The simplicity of using e-mail may lead to a situation where a company eventually ends up getting reams of useless and unsolicited messages.

The time when an unexpected message might arrive unexpectedly just once a week has long gone. The wave of junk mail can take up 20 to 80 percent of all incoming messages. As a result, any message becomes useless since it cannot be processed.

This is especially important for corporate users when processing business correspondence, as an important message may accidentally get lost in the flow of junk mail. If 1,000 employees spend 10 minutes per day reading, sorting and manually deleting spam mail, this means they will spend upwards of 60,000 hours in annual terms, or $1,800,000 of lost earnings at the rate of USD30 per hour.

This is why more and more e-mail software users are asking: "How effective is electronic mail software in terms of quality filtering of messages and what anti-spam options are available? How are users to separate the wheat from the chaff and stem the flow of undesirable garbage?�

To solve the "junk mail" problem FastTrackMail uses a filtering, exclusion date base support and anti-spam filtering functions, which automatically delete unwanted electronic messages even as they are received. It is very important that the software is able to filter and delete unneeded messages right at the server before they are downloaded into your local computer. Even if your smtp server already has filtering and anti-spam protection capability, software can become an additional obstacle for undesirable messages.

FastTrackMail allows automatic sorting of incoming messages based on preset criteria and their placement in individual folders or mailboxes where they can be viewed at a later time. In such a system only those folders can be viewed, for example, where the most important messages are directed. The mail filter processes incoming messages based on header fields, for example, using the sender's address or the content of the Subject field. Advanced filters can be applied both to any field of the message header or the body of the message itself.

If used skillfully, e-mail can provide another efficient tool for promoting your web server on the Internet. You can offer interested visitors of your server to sign up for special mailing lists, informing them about site updates and new materials posted on it. The distribution will remind the subscribers about your server and increase the number of return visits.

Every time you receive a request to subscribe to your web-based news site the software will not just simply add the electronic mail address and name to the address book, but also a multitude of other fields, for example, the name of the company, name of the product it is interested in, comments, etc.

FastTrackMail is designed to personalize messages in such a way that you will be able to use any field of the address book to prepare and send messages according to the distribution list. In total over 60 fields of the address book can be used in mailing lists for news and order processing systems. These address book fields can be used for advanced information searches and complex filtering operations. For example, you will be able to easily identify people who have their birthdays on a given date. So the messages being sent to your recipients can contain targeted information. For example: "Dear John Smith, congratulations on your birthday."

The software can have a virtually unlimited number of address books stored in separate files. The software's address book data base is maintained in .dbf format so it can be easily recognized and used by other applications, for example, Excel.

Another import function allows you to connect your corporate data base with the electronic mail exchange system. Thus, if you already have your address book data in MS Excel format you can store the data as a text delimited file or in .dbf format and then import into any FastTrackMail address book. The software has an overlapping e-mail delete function.

How can you set up an information processing system based on your website with the help of Mail Commander? Provided below is an example of how your can organize electronic communications with your subscribers

The user fills out a news subscription or a mailing removal form on the website. See example at: https://www.fasttrackmail.com/subscrib.htm 
As a result an e-mail arrives at the mailbox you have indicated.
An example of a sent message.
The message is filtered and processed by FastTrackMail 
The required fields are added to the database (address book).
With the help of the software you can later send personalized message to your site's subscribers.
Special web forms, voting, polls, and online forums can be an effective tool in getting feedback from your existing or potential clients. You will be able to determine which area brought in visitors who did not just limit themselves to a passive site visit but provided valuable information, opinions and requests for you and entered into an interactive dialog�

A collection of marketing information allows you to properly allocate the company's resources, and accurately position them on the market. This will ultimately yield tangible benefits in terms of cost reduction and/or increased sales. If your website enables you to collect statistical data about potential customers, their description, preferences and tastes, you will definitely save money on opinion polls, telephone or other surveys.

The future content of the site will need to be brought in line with the objectives and description of the target group.

FastTrackMail has a deletion list database of words and addresses of users whose letters should not be sent under any circumstances, even if they subscribe to your news.

The program supports various national message codings. This means you'll be able to maintain correspondence in almost any language.

FastTrackMail can store information on many e-mail accounts. If you have several external mailboxes at different ISPs you will not need to enter a new password and adjust the settings every time. All you have to do is choose the connection profile through which you want to exchange messages. You can also create different mailboxes for different messages within the program.

Options are also provided for standard e-mail clients: support of attachments, message sorting by date, subject, address or other fields, message searches based on key words, etc.

The software will be useful for both electronic business professionals and all those who can set up a message exchange with existing customers and potential clients on a professional level.

New technologies are considerably reducing company costs. Those firms which will be the first to arm themselves with these achievements will gain an uncontested advantage in terms of speed and efficiency when processing requests from both international and domestic customers. This is the winning formula in the struggle for regular clients and improved corporate competitiveness.

Nowadays this issue can confidently be summed up as follows: either a business equips itself with modern Internet technology or tomorrow it runs the risk of ending up on the sidelines. Widespread use of electronic mail systems is turning the "mass personalization" of information flows into reality before your very eyes.

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