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Delivering mail fast and efficiently!
You can easily customize the interface to handle all your messaging needs.  The email client can store information on many e-mail accounts.  Options are also provided for standard e-mail clients: support of attachments, plain text and graphic html messages, message sorting by date, subject, address or other fields, message searches based on key words, etc.
Feature FastTrackMail
Easily configurable user interface. You can easily customize the interface to handle all your messaging needs.  Yes
User-friendly interface with extensive message selection capability Yes
Support for multiple email accounts Yes
Mail Profiles: You can create various names from which you send and receive email with the Mail Profiles settings. As an example, you might use one profiley (email address name) for friends and family and another personality for business correspondence. Yes
Mail Profile Wizard Yes
Multi-tasking: Compose, receive and send mail simultaneously.  Yes
Task Progress Window: Monitor task activity progress when sending or checking mail. Yes
Supports SMTP authentication Yes
Supports file attachments Yes
Multi-lingual interface supporting  Yes
Selecting message charset. The program supports various national message codings. This means you'll be able to maintain correspondence in almost any language. Yes
Formatting and Styles. Customize your Toolbar: Arrange the toolbar layout, add or remove function buttons. Yes
Can send combined text and html messages Yes
Send mail in HTML format with images inside Yes
Plain Text Mail Viewing Yes
Fast, Powerful Message Search Yes
Color Labeling: Assign colors to sort your mail either manually or automatically using filters. Yes
Mail Sort: Sort the contents of a mailbox by clicking on a column header. You can choose to sort by Sender, Date, Subject, etc. Yes
Return-Receipt, Message Priority options Yes
Message Queueing Yes
Email templates.  You will be able to answer many standard questions by templates with easy to use interface  Yes
Check for new mail and send queued messages at appointed times Yes
Powerful filtering system automates message reply Yes
Enhanced Filters: The program allows automatic sorting of incoming messages based on preset criteria and their placement in individual folders or mailboxes where they can be viewed at a later time. Advanced filters can be applied both to any field of the message header or the body of the message itself.  Yes
Superb email filtering capabilities, including advanced anti-SPAM tools.  Easily and automatically filters out junk mail.  Yes
Delete unneeded messages right at the server before they are downloaded into your local computer.  Yes
Download only headers option, can re-download and delete selected messages from server.  Yes
Easy import from other common email clients.
Import messages from Eudora, The Bat, Outlook Express and other programs
Displays number of messages in mailboxes. Yes
Extended address book to support many additional fields (program's address book is a text delimited file and can be easy imported) .
Address book fields can be used for advanced information searches and complex filtering operations. 
Automatic email address listings.  Yes
Deletion list database of words and addresses of users whose letters should not be sent under any circumstances, even if they subscribe to your news. Yes
Download only first N bytes of messages Yes
Antivirus Protection Yes
Decode KOI-R and UTF messages Yes
Auto dialer & connection manager Yes
Automatically delete attachment file with seleted extension Yes
Import anti-spam filter keywords from text file Yes
Addressbook import Yes
Supports multi-signatures Yes
Supports posting log file  Yes
MIME setup Yes
Connection profile wizard Yes
Can process registration forms and other information (DB Maker) Yes
Supports mailing list Yes
Supports email merge. Create a personalized letter for each subscriber. Yes
Automatic processing of requests for news subscriptions and requests to be deleted from the mailing list. Yes
Editing mailing list Yes
Features the ability to personalize mail distribution for a large number of recipients.  Yes
Export mailing list and addressbook into MS Excel and DBF files Yes
Advanced Mailiing List Filter Yes
Remove duplicates in address book and deletion list Yes
Email Verification. Program determine which of addresses on the mail list are invalid. Yes
Import addressbook and mailing list from txt / csv Yes
Supports unlimited numder of mailing list Yes
Message header analyzer Yes
Export message to MS Word  Yes
Price 29,95 USD
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FastTrackMail is the best and very fast email program for people who get huge amounts of correspondence.

FastTrackMail offers a new, simple and very convenient interface for processing e-mail.

FastTrackMail is more than a way to send and receive messages - it's a very powerful email management tool with features to increase your productivity and enhance your communications

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